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Marshall Dog

Candidate Retriever

Marshall is the official Office Dog of R&P Group. He is a friendly receptionist, a skilled listener, a quiet observer and a constant morale-booster. He is responsible for greeting office visitors, mail delivery relations and break room floor clean-up. Prior to joining R&P Group, Marshall was down on his luck, homeless and jobless, and narrowly escaped a tragic ending after finding himself on the euthanasia list following an extended stay at an overcrowded shelter in a city with breed-specific legislation (BSL) which discriminated against "pit bull type dogs". Nobody knows for sure what type of dog he is, but speculations indicate that he may be some combination of labrador, bully and terrier.  Fortunately, he was pulled from the overcrowded shelter by the Sioux Empire Pit Rescue and placed in a loving foster home, where he received TLC and advanced training until he was eventually adopted by his foster mom, Ali Rae, and offered a full-time gig as Candidate Retriever at R&P Group, which is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on appearance, unlike cities with BSL. Marshall is friendly, extroverted, soft, kind, cuddly and intelligent. He enjoys head scratches, belly rubs, laying in the sun, and long walks on the sidewalk.
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