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Ian Horsted

Senior Vice President, Recruiting

Ian Horsted is a native of Sioux Falls and has been an Executive Recruiter with R&P Group since 2006. Ian manages the Sales, Business Development, and Relationship Management Practice and also fills a diverse array of C-Level and Executive jobs, from the top new Sales Person with one of the largest Commercial Card Banks to a Head of Prepaid with the top Prepaid Card Issuer and a Head of Business Development with an exciting FinTech Company that moves money across 120+ countries.

Ian is curious and attentive, meaning you will benefit from working with someone that will enjoy learning as much about your company and your job as possible and who will work closely with you throughout your search. As your Principal Consultant, Ian will be your Sales Executive for this job and your company, and will capture the interest of your ideal candidates. Along the way you can trust him to treat people right on your behalf which preserves and enhances your company’s reputation among potential candidates and their professional network. Your hire will be successful because you, your candidate, and your business partners will be happy.

Ian started his career with R&P Group as a researcher and where he excelled at locating potential candidates for the Principal Consultant. Because of Ian’s outstanding caring approach and ability to seek out, understand, and match client requirements he quickly became a Principal Consultant and has earned his promotions!

Ian is a father, husband, and fisherman. He is actively involved in volunteering and mentoring youth within his community, and he is still trying to figure out the perfect strategy for fantasy football success.

Some of Ian’s recent placements include:
•  FinTech International Payments – Head of North America Sales
•  Issuing Bank – VP Sales Commercial Card and EIPP (97th Placement with this Bank)
•  Top 5 Bank in the US – VP Sales ATM Services
•  International Corporate Payment Service Provider – Asia and EU Sales Specialists (2)
•. SMB Loans FinTech Company – COO, Head of Strategic Partner Operations

All with a 100% Acceptance Rate in a world of 50% average Acceptance Success.
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