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Helen Majusiak

Executive Recruiter

Helen Majusiak co-manages the Product, Marketing and Project Management Practice for R&P Group. Helen also works with Amy DeBerg and Ian Horsted on C-level searches. Most recently, Helen worked for and remains an active board member in her family’s 60 year old business. Helen began her career as the Comptroller and Financial Compliance Director for a US Senate campaign and Political Action Committees. Helen’s greatest strength is her insight into a situation and ability to ascertain the nuanced communication inherent in conversation. With a keen desire to facilitate a collaborative working relationship as a business consultant and partner rather than just a vendor, Helen renders a level of trust and unshakeable values that allow a deeper commitment to the ultimate goal of the ideal hire. Helen has a BS in Economics/Political Science from the University of South Dakota.

During the long South Dakota summers Helen enjoys time in her garden and with her husband and children as they bike, garden, and can homemade pesto and spaghetti sauce for her fresh pasta meals.

Recruiting – Why It Is Great?

The metrics of success are fascinating. Watching them come to fruition not only means success for our clients and our firm, it is also science unfolding.

I Believe

In reading, gardening and a good cup of coffee in the morning.

Beyond My Desk

My family has owned a flower shop for over 55 years. I help out in various capacities all year round. I grew up in the back of the store, sleeping in flower boxes, so when I am there, I am home.

Giving Back

I have mentored students in grade school and currently am involved a program that provides college scholarships to young women.

Over the years I have had a number of nicknames that seemingly came from nowhere – Oscar, Morocco and Magic among them. Currently the name I hear most – other than Helen – is “Mom”.

Thank You To

My mother, Olga Majusiak, for instilling great work habits and a love of beauty and knowledge.

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