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Corbin Simon

Executive Recruiter

Corbin Simon is a native of Sioux Falls and has been an Executive Recruiter with R&P Group for five years. Corbin Manages the Risk, Fraud, Compliance, and Operations Practice and has filled a diverse array of jobs, from an Integrated Payments IT Project Manager with a Processor to a Chief Risk Officer with a FinTech Issuer.

Corbin is curious and attentive, meaning you will benefit from working with someone that will enjoy learning as much about your company and your job as possible and who will work closely with you throughout your search. As your Principal Consultant, Corbin will be your Sales Executive for this job and your company, and will capture the interest of your ideal candidates. Along the way you can trust him to treat people right on your behalf which preserves and enhances your company’s reputation among potential candidates and their professional network. Your hire will be successful because you, your candidate, and your business partners will be happy.

Corbin started his career with a nonprofit as a computer-related life skills and job search coach where he enjoyed teaching and learning from candidates of all backgrounds.

Corbin is an orchestral and rock musician with his next goal to perform Latin music. He is an armchair student of Latin America with a special interest in El Salvador (his wife’s home country), and he is still trying to figure out how many hours to walk his dog for her to be tired the next day. Corbin is bilingual English and Spanish.

Some of Corbin’s recent placements include:
•  EFT Processor - Card Network Operations Manager to replace an underperforming predecessor and develop a new team
•  FinTech Bank – Prepaid Card Services Manager to evaluate, refine and implement new partners and products worldwide
•  FinTech Bank – Payment Operations SVP to manage the integration of newly acquired companies and products while creating a culture of accountability
•  International Payment Service Provider – Product and Operations Consultant to refine and implement payment products in the travel industry worldwide
•  BPO Provider – Chargeback Operations Head to turn around, train, grow and lead an internationally distributed team

All with a 100% Acceptance Rate in a world of 50% average Acceptance Success.


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