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The R&P Group Recruiting Process

Call us headhunters. We don't mind.

It's not about us anyway, it's about you. So go ahead, call us headhunters, dreamweavers, body snatchers, flesh peddlers or executive recruiters. What you call us isn't nearly as important as what we do for you.

Bottom-line, it's all about successful hires, quickly. We choose candidates who match your culture and job description. Then, we use pinpoint precision to deliver the top candidates who will achieve results beyond your expectations.

When you are ready to add the next crucial member to your team, after you have exhausted your personal networks and interviewed the best of the unemployed, unhappy, and unqualified candidates who have responded to your postings, you need to be confident that your recruiting partner will be your voice and advocate throughout the process to identify, recruit, attract, evaluate, and help you hire your next stellar employee. As a client partner of R&P Group, your respect is earned through honest and open communication; you won’t be promised more than we can offer and you will be included as an integral part of the entire process.

Understanding Your Job, You, and Your Company

Your successful hire begins with an extensive conversation with one or more members of the R&P Group team to share information regarding your opportunity, your company, your management style, and the advantages your company offers. We also clarify the nature and extent of the role, define the ideal candidate, and mutually agree on the process and timeline needed to be successful.

With you, we take the time to ensure we understand what you want and do not want in your new employee. The time invested to create this well-defined, complete picture is essential to a focused and fruitful search. This is also when you help us establish clear lines and methods of communication and set the time for regular calls to discuss any changes that may arise throughout the course of your search.

Building the List

Your prioritized requirements are translated into a list of 150-300 potential, qualified candidates with whom we have already spoken or met in person at industry events, colleagues they have recommended, and other professionals that are newly sourced for each unique search. 

Because we are a niche firm specializing exclusively in the card and payment industry, all of our efforts (the combined work of 8 people, every work day of the year) are focused toward establishing and cultivating relationships with people in our industry. As a result, your search list is populated using our unique, custom, recruiter-applied coding system that matches based on detailed information from previous conversations regarding both what candidates have done in the past, and most importantly, what they want to do in the future, characterizing the types of opportunities they would consider. At this point, knowing who not to consider is as important as knowing who to consider; time is limited and many calls must be made. Over 17 years of industry recruiting data provides insight into those who have truly been successful versus those who have not.

The Search

For each search, you get to know and to deal with one person, your Principal Consultant. Your Principal Consultant coordinates all the efforts of the additional members of the R&P Group team who participate in your search.

Once the computers have done the simple work, we conduct initial interviews with potential candidates, weeding out those who are not a fit one call at a time. We do not use job boards, but we do make hundreds of calls because the best talent in the market is not actively looking for a new job. Are you?

Often times the best match for a search may not be included in the original list, but rather will come from leads generated during the search.  Industry experts, potential candidates who are not currently a match for the current search frequently know someone who may be a strong candidate. Experience shows that the right candidate may be a lead from another lead and hundreds of conversations find that lead.

Candidate Evaluation

Your potential candidates are assessed not only on their experience and on logistical factors like location and salary, but also on the depth of their interest. The result is when you begin your interviews, you know the candidates are ready and willing to interview through your entire interview process. Potential candidates are willing to invest 20 to 30 hours or more, of their time, to accurately evaluate your job, your company and you while you interview and evaluate them.

The R&P Group evaluation may involve as many as 6 or 7 Telephone Interviews and a Professional Profile.  The Professional Profile is a written interview that includes questions you have reviewed and approved. The questions on each Professional Profile are specifically geared to highlight the experience and skills needed for your specific job, information that may be beyond what is readily gleaned from a resume. The written interview also provides you with a consistent base of knowledge about each candidate.  

Recruiting Precision

Your potential candidates are recruited for you, specifically, for each of your jobs. Your Principal Consultant and the rest of your search team work as your Sales People for each of your jobs. Based on the details you provided during the detailed Job Definition conversation, your Principal Consultant is able to quickly help potential candidates determine if your job is worth further discussion and if your job is an opportunity for him or her to advance their career. Recruited candidates are currently employed and are successful. They have no need to change jobs so rarely consider jobs with the equivalent level of responsibility or the same compensation. A new job needs to be worth the time that will be invested in the interview process and worth the potential disruption of a career change, a major life change. Few people – the exceptional few – are open to and excited about change; as such, once recruited, they have the potential to be your best employees, to excel in your open job and thereby to contribute to your success, and to be a pleasure to have on your team.

Data is confirmed and additional information is gathered from reference check conversations with peers, subordinates and superiors who are asked a variety of questions including information about the candidate’s integrity, ethics, and if the candidate would be able to successfully complete the job duties.

Client Candidate Review

After the top candidates have been isolated, you will be presented with a list of candidates for your interview process. All of these candidates have dedicated time and effort to have the opportunity to interview with you. To help you and the candidates make informed decisions, R&P Group facilitates each stage of the process by scheduling and preparing everyone for the interviews and providing feedback, insight, and guidance to both you and the candidate. All your time with the candidate is available to be dedicated to discussing the job and the candidate fit because the procedural and benefit information is handled by R&P Group. This avoids surprises and results in the fact that nationally, candidates placed by recruiters last almost 2 times longer than candidates hired through other methods. 

Offer Acceptance

Candidate requirements for compensation are discussed in detail with each candidate and presented to you prior to your interviews.  Efforts are subsequently applied to close any gaps that may exist between candidate needs and your available resources. Based on continued discussions with each candidate about compensation as well as changes in their situation, you have up-to-date, insightful and honest information from which to construct your offer. In most cases, your first choice candidate accepts the offer, usually presented by your R&P Group Principal Consultant. In addition, offers are designed to include the necessary power to protect you from the candidate considering a counter-offer. 


Once your candidate accepts your offer, you have R&P Group’s continued support for both you and your new employee through his or her transition stage to ensure everyone is equipped for success.  R&P Group helps fix the start date, prepares your candidate for resignation and follows-up to ensure the resignation is accepted, and manages final alignments to ensure your working relationship with the candidate, your new employee, starts in a positive, enthusiastic, well-planned fashion. You will even have access to our exclusive document, “First Day for Your New Employee” to use as a checklist to help you prepare for your new employee’s first day. And, your commitment from R&P Group doesn’t end on your new hire’s first day. We will maintain the open line of communication to convey two-way feedback post-hire, month after month, year after year, and we’ll be there for you and your new employee for his, her, or your next open job.

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