Patrick Howey - On Sabbatical

Executive Recruiter

Patrick Howey partners with Amy DeBerg and Ian Horsted on C-Level placements and, with Helen Majusiak, co-manages the Product, Marketing, and Project Management division for the firm. Prior to R&P Group, Pat served as Executive Director for both a national trade association (12 years) and a local non-profit association (2 years), further expanding his expertise in regulatory compliance. His accomplishments also included job creation, the development of a partnership between federal regulators and employers, the creation of employer supported state standards, and revisions to federal rules to acknowledge common sense and efficiency in the workplace. Pat began his career spending 14 years as a senior staff member for a United States Senator, where his roles included economic development, writing legislation and directing constituent service operations with both legislative and administrative branches of government. Pat has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Dakota and is an accomplished musician and songwriter. He, his wife of 28 years and their two children value their close proximity to four generations of family.

Recruiting – Why It Is Great? The people; both those with whom I work each day and those with whom I speak as a regular course of business. They are a continual reminder that we are all more alike than we are different, and that life works best when we work together.

I Believe – In our ability to expand our capacity to learn by opening ourselves to whatever situations life may unexpectedly toss before us. We never know what circumstances may lead us to our best days, new friends, and greater awareness.

Beyond My Desk – My wife of nearly 30 years and I have two amazing children who fill our lives with the daily triumphs and challenges of youth. In their appearance, actions and thoughts we catch glimpses of ourselves and virtually our entire family, while at the same time seeing completely unique individuals find their way in a world that stretches our comprehension but is seemingly fully within their grasp. This fills me with awe.

Giving Back – I have spent a significant portion of my life engaged in public service and health & safety pursuits. Most recently, I am joining friends in expanding a sense of community through performing original music at the Goss Opera House in Watertown, SD.

Nickname – I’ve had a long string of nicknames over the years. My favorites included Borax, Cure, and Howard Cunningham. These days simplicity has taken over, and I am known mostly as Pat.

Thank You To – My family and friends who have taken the time to show me there is always more…