Corbin Simon

Executive Recruiter

Corbin Simon is the newest member of R&P Group. He received a BA in Political Science and Spanish Studies from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities where he volunteered as a teacher of English, Computer Job Search, and Workforce Readiness skills, and worked as a fund-raiser for the University. After his graduation, he completed one year of service with AmeriCorps as a bilingual Adult Employment Specialist at a South Minneapolis non-profit organization. A fluent Spanish speaker, Corbin studied in Spain and recently spent nine months in El Salvador with his fiancé prior to their move to South Dakota and their marriage. Corbin is a classically trained musician and enjoys road trips with his wife Karen and their dog, Kiva.

Recruiting – Why it is Great? The opportunity to converse with ambitious and creative candidates opens my eyes to so many of life’s unique paths to success. When I help innovative companies hire a stellar employee, it initiates a collaborative relationship that enhances and amplifies the services they provide to their customers, and has the potential to make waves within the entire industry. That is truly exciting!

A Spanish Language Recruitor: Why? – Con mi llegada aquí a R&P Group, sigamos enfocando en el reclutamiento de expertos en el mercado Hispano y Latinoamericano. El conjunto de mis estudios universitarios del español y Latinoamérica, mi experiencia laboral con inmigrantes latinos, y el tiempo que pasé viviendo en El Salvador con mi actual esposa salvadoreña, me da una familiaridad más profunda y un nivel de conocimiento más elevado de todo relacionado con Latinoamérica en comparación con otras personas que reclutan en nuestra industria. Clientes y candidatos hispanohablantes tienen la comodidad de hablar en el idioma que prefieren conmigo, y en el futuro espero mas utilizar mis habilidades lingüísticas en búsquedas para candidatos procurados dentro del mismo país donde el cliente tiene su negocio.

With my arrival here at R&P Group, we continue to focus on the recruiting of experts in the Hispanic and Latin American markets. The combination of my university studies of Spanish and Latin America, my work experience with Latin American immigrants, and the time I spent living in El Salvador with my Salvadoran wife gives me a more profound familiarization with and higher level of knowledge of everything related to Latin America compared to other people that recruit within the industry. Spanish-speaking clients and candidates have the comfort of speaking their preferred language with me, and in the future, I hope to utilize my linguistic abilities in searches for candidates sourced from the same country in which our clients do business.

Favorite Recruiting Moment – Forging the connection and cultivating the relationship between leading companies, outstanding candidates, and the great team that I am a part of at R&P Group.

Beyond My Desk – I love to travel with my wife Karen and our dog Kiva, cycle with my parents, play music with my best friends, and keep up on my research as an armchair political scientist.

Giving Back – I had a great time during college serving and teaching in a diverse neighborhood of brand-new and long-time Americans in Minneapolis. I look forward to becoming more involved in my community now that I am back in my hometown of Sioux Falls! My wife and I also love to bring much-needed items to the people of Cerro Verde in El Salvador.

Thank You To – The people who love me for teaching me to believe in myself!

Coffee Preference – A shot in the dark