Amy DeBerg


Thank you for reading more about us and our firm.

Like you, the success of our business depends on the efforts of the wonderful people on our team. You will find the team at R&P Group to be smart, hardworking, and dedicated to helping you with your most important management responsibility . . . hiring great people for your team.

We all have made mis-hires and know the cost in dollars as well as the feeling of defeat. While working with R&P Group cannot guarantee you never have another mis-hire, you will have access to a selection of higher caliber candidates because of the trusted relationships we have built in the industry as a firm since 2000.

Recruiting is an amazing profession. When I began recruiting in 1997, it was apparent that recruiting is not an easy career but it is the most rewarding work I have ever had the privilege to perform. We change lives and help client companies be even stronger.

The Cards and Payments Industry is the focus of our firm and our passion. As a result, all 8 of us on the team learn more, every day, about the industry by speaking with you, reading industry publications, and attending industry events. As a result of our expansion in 2011, you are now able to work with teams dedicated to each of your different types of jobs; which provides you with a shorter time to fill, a broader selection of candidates, and more detailed industry data for each of your open jobs.

About me, I am a geek from the early ’80s when I began my career selling IBM computers to the smart, early adapters, business owners, and fortuitously to Citibank credit card executives in Sioux Falls, SD. Armed with a degree in Mathematics, Physics, and Secondary Education from a liberal arts college I found that selling was more interesting and profitable than being and engineer or a teacher. As the credit card industry in Sioux Falls grew, I was fortunate to work as the IT Manager over all computer and phone systems for a secured card program manager in the early 1990s. My recruiting career began at a Management Recruiter International franchise in Sioux Falls in 1996 where I learned what MRI does so well, kept those best practices, and found ways I would make our recruiting firm even better.

Because of the great client companies with whom we work and the industry leaders we know, we are very fortunate.Thank you.

As the daughter of Great Plains farmers, my wonderful parents, John and Dorothy DeBerg, taught me the value of hard work, doing the job right the first time, and trying every day to be a good person by doing the right things. In the summer you’ll find me gardening and playing outside and on the cold winter days I can be found reading books, playing games, and traveling to warm weather vacations.

Enough about me . . .if you think you might like to work with us, please call or email and we’ll decide together if we might be your best hiring decision . . . ever!