Ali Rae

Executive Recruiter

Ali Rae specializes in the recruitment and placement of Compliance, Risk, Fraud, and Business and Web Analytics professionals, as well as the research and sourcing of candidates in other functions, such as sales, marketing, product management, and leadership, for executive level searches in the Cards & Payments Industry. Prior to joining R&P Group, Ali worked as a Sales Associate and Counter Manager for Dillardís, a national department store, and was a top-producing document management and process improvement Intern for SDN Communications, a regional telecommunications provider.

Ali holds a BA in Communication from the University of Northern Iowa, where she was selected to be a member of the University Honors program and graduated magna cum laude with the successful completion of an undergraduate research project and thesis. A performance studies and speech enthusiast, Ali was deeply involved in co-curricular programs and won numerous scholarships and awards for her writing and performance work through the UNI Speech Team, Interpreters Theater, and SAVE Forum Actors. On a personal note, Ali enjoys travelling and live music, volunteering as a foster mom for a pit bull rescue and is an assistant coach for a Sioux Falls High School Speech Team.

Recruiting – Why It Is Great? Two things: First, the continual learning process. Every call is a step in the right direction. Every day I am able to connect with a variety of individuals who all have a different background and a different story to tell. Even if the particular job is not right for a certain person, it is the established connection and interaction that interests, enlightens, and humbles me. Every day I get a fantastic opportunity to meet people and openly discuss how we might be able to help one another. Thatís what itís all about.

Favorite Recruiting Moment – The feeling that comes from successfully matching a client company with the perfect candidate is unparalleled. I love hearing the excitement in peopleís voices when everything comes together and both the client and the candidate know that theyíre on the horizon of something great Ė their next great career success. In fact, a candidate we recently placed told me that he felt like, and his wife affably remarked that he seemed like a new person Ė so happy to begin his new, perfectly-fitting job, even though his last job was still a good job.

Beyond My Desk – I enjoy creative writing and performing. I finished off my college experience by writing, directing, and performing my own one-woman performance piece, and continue to work with creative texts.

Giving Back – I coach a brilliant high school speech team, consisting of over 100 students. Learning how to become an effective speaker and presenter is something that will always contribute to the success of these young people. Itís remarkable to watch their creativity and confidence flourish more and more every day. Plus, the students think I'm "The Cool Coach."

Thank You To – My friends and family for the profoundly positive impact they have made to contribute to the person I am today, and for sticking with me as I am faced with challenges and continue to grow.

Coffee Preference – Caffeinated with French Vanilla liquid creamer. Also, I love mochas served with an absurd amount of whipped cream.